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29 outubro

Bloco 01

Chris de Burgh – Love is my decision

Carly Simon – Nobody does it better

Michael Jackson – One day in your life

Glenn Medeiros – Nothing's gonna change my love for you

Styx – The best of times

Robbie Williams – Angels

George Michael – Father Figure




Bloco 02

Paul Anka – Hold me 'till the morning' comes

Michael Johnson – Bluer than Blue

KC & Jojo – All my life

Al Jarreau – After all

Bread – Guitar man

Annie Lennox – No more I love yous




Bloco 03

Elton John – Blue eyes

Carpenters – Close to you

Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warne – Up were we belong

Patrick Swayze – Shes's like the wind

Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway – The closer I get to you

Eric Clapton – Change the world

Tim Moore – Yes




Bloco 04

Genesis – In to deep

Dionne Warwick – I'll neve love this way again

Spice Girls – Two Become one

The Manhattans – Forever by your side

Backstreet boys – All I have to give

The Commodores – Three times a lady